Friday, April 28, 2017

New 'Teenagers Battle the Thing' Movie Poster

I've redesigned my poster for Teenagers Battle the Thing. I think this version is a lot cleaner and less cluttered. This is the 16:9 version that is the thumbnail for the movie uploaded to YouTube. The poster features an "orange pop" background which references a line in the movie by one of the characters. In the lower right corner is a prayer stick that is one of the objects discovered by the titular teenagers.

The orange pop reference is also what inspired me to come up with the tag line.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Karli and MV Watch A Movie

eating popcorn and watching a movie
Karli Melder and the Movie Vigilante watch a movie

I held a contest once on a now-defunct social media site that required the entrants to write a short paragraph reviewing a movie they had watched recently. That's all.

I don't recall what movie she wrote about but after she entered, Karli Melder took it upon herself to draw this image of herself and her impression of the Movie Vigilante, complete with front butts. I don't know why Karli draws people with their butts in the front but it's whimsical and funny and those are good enough reasons for me. Notice how my arm snakes in to grab a handful of popcorn? I believe also that the way our hands are drawn is called "popcorn hands." Very appropriate, don't you think?

She didn't have to draw this. She just decided to do it completely on her own, unsolicited and it filled me with joy when I saw it. It was such a nice gesture.

Unfortunately, Karli did not win the contest but it did lead to this interview of her I did after I found out she worked at a drive-in theater. In it, I had originally linked to the drawing that was hosted on the website that no longer exists. Since that link is now broken, I wanted to post the drawing here for all to enjoy.

Thanks, Karli!

Now go watch a movie.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Help Kickstart The Lo-Fi Life of Weird Paul

Scheduled for release in 2017 is the second documentary focusing on "Weird" Paul Petroskey, called Will Work for Views: The Lo-Fi-Life of Weird Paul. It's described as "a documentary film 30 years in the making."

Shooting has finished but now Eric Michael Schrader, the director, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with various costs in order to complete the movie, market it and enter it in film festivals.

Here is what the money will go towards:
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Post Sound Mixing
  • Marketing
  • Film Festival Costs
  • Travel Costs for Talent and Essential Crew

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Own a Deck of Obscure Movie Monster Playing Cards

If you've ever wanted a deck of playing cards featuring your favourite B-movie monsters, now is your chance to go all in. The next time you have your friends over for poker night, pull out your deck of obscure movie monsters. Being dealt a bad hand takes on a whole new meaning when you consider some of the bad movies in which these creatures appeared. Whether you're winning or not, fun can be had by all by seeing how many of these turkeys you can remember.

Speaking of turkeys, Blood Freak is just one of the movies that inspired artist Mark Monlux to create these creepy creature cards. Some other examples are The Killer Shrews, Octaman, Them!, C.H.U.D., Night of the Lepus, Trilogy of Terror and The Monster That Challenged the World, to name a few.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Watch Me Play "Manos: The Hands of Fate" Horribly

In 2012, FreakZone Games released a retro-styled video game based on the 1966 cult, B-movie favourite, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Although I've never been much of a gamer, I purchased the PC version at the time and enjoy playing it from time to time. I'm still not that good and don't get very far but part of that is because I'm using my computer keyboard for the controls, which makes it a little more difficult. Mostly though, it's because I am and always have been a casual gamer. I think I've only ever beaten one video game in my life; It was The Legend of Zelda. I'll never be mistaken for a serious gamer.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MST3K Reboot Almost Here!

After much hype, fans of MST3K won't have to wait much longer for the reboot to flick on the movie sign.

The new episodes premiere on Netflix, beginning April 14th.

After watching the trailer, I have to say that everything looks and feels right, from the new host Jonah Ray to the new Mads (Felicia Day & Patton Oswalt) to the set, props and special effects.

All that remains to be seen is which movies will be mercilessly mocked in this latest incarnation of the show. If the trailer is any indication, Reptilicus will be one of those movies. An excellent choice.

I realize that Joel Hodgson has chosen the movies for this new season already but feel free to pick any flawed films from my list for next season, Joel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

B-Movie My Valentine (Screaming Skull)

Won't you B-movie my Valentine? 

Valentine's Day is here and if you're looking for something to send the B-movie lover you love, consider this virtual Valentine. 

The Screaming Skull recites a humourous and questionable love poem in an animated tribute to the low-budget horror movie. Forgive the bonehead, he means well.

Roses are red
Life's never dull
In fact it's a scream
Cuz you're out of your skull

- Movie Vigilante

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Barry J. Gillis Presents 'Tales from the Dead Zone'

Writer and director Barry J Gillis has a new movie coming out called Tales from the Dead Zone which now has a trailer available to watch. The movie stars former WWE (WWF if you're old school) superstar, Bret "The Hitman" Hart as a private investigator.

Hart was featured in the superb documentary about his wrestling career, called Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows.

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