Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teen Wolf Director's Commentary - Rod Daniel (1942-2016)

I was surprised and saddened to learn that Teen Wolf director Rod Daniel died April 16, 2016. I had not heard of this bad news until today. Apparently he died of complications from Parkinson's disease, which is the same disease from which Teen Wolf star Michael J. Fox suffers.

Daniel had retired as a movie director and became a photographer.

Something else I didn't realize is that Daniel's two sons coaxed him into recording a commentary track for Teen Wolf. You can listen to it and download it by clicking the link below. You'll have to have your own copy of the movie to watch while you listen. You can still listen to the commentary without simultaneously watching the film. However, there are several, very long stretches of silence that will make it a bit boring without the movie playing.

Incidentally, Daniel does talk briefly about the exposed extra in Teen Wolf whom some viewers think was a man but evidence clearly shows it was a female extra. I don't know how closely Daniel examined the scene though, since he mentions a guy at the end mooning the camera. I guess he and I have a different definition of mooning.

Teen Wolf Director's Commentary 

Hit play on the mp3 file right when you see the MGM Lion fade out in the opening of the movie.

Teen Wolf has always been a childhood favourite of mine and I've watched it countless times.

Thanks, Rod. Rest in peace.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Children of the Candy Corn

Be sure to stock up on plenty of candy this Halloween because the Children of the Candy Corn will be roaming the streets in search of treats.

Legend has it that they will play a trick on you if they don't get what they want.

These spooky kids come in all shapes, sizes and manner of appearances. They'll usually leave you alone if you appease them with an assortment of candy to satisfy their appetite for sweets.

Beware the Children of the Candy Corn!

Don't get caught without candy this Halloween!

Children of the Candy Corn
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Monday, October 10, 2016

New "Weird Paul" Documentary

Weird Paul, aka Paul Petroskey, has announced that a new documentary movie about his life is currently in production. Paul mentioned that a film crew spent the weekend of Aug 5-7 filming him. No release date has been set yet, to my knowledge.

A previous documentary about Paul was released in 2006 and played at two festivals.

Above is the music video for Weird Paul's fun and catchy song Beach Ball. See if you can spot which iconic 80's comedy movie is referenced and post your guess in the comments if you think know.

Since it's October, here's Weird Paul's Halloween special from his TV show to get you into a festive mood. You can also learn more about Paul by reading an interview I did with him a little while ago.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Barry J. Gillis Talks About THINGS and Other Things

The following is an interview I conducted via email with Barry J. Gillis, who was generous enough to answer some of my questions about THINGS and other things. If you're unaware, Barry was the co-writer - along with director Andrew Jordan - and star of the 1989 Canadian horror movie THINGS. It was a low budget, independent, horror exploitation film that was transferred and released straight-to-video. Despite having a reputation as a very bad movie, it has gained a cult following among the horrorphiles and B-movie fanatics.

The interview focuses heavily on THINGS but Barry does talk a bit about some movies he himself has directed.

Here then is that interview. I hope you find it interesting.

THINGS poster.jpgBy Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23128341

In a nutshell, what is THINGS about?

Barry J Gillis: THINGS at its heart is about a man and woman who cannot have children, and the man has his wife undergo an experiment by Dr. Lucas... Lucas artificially impregnates his wife... We don't actually see this taking place, however, we do see other sick experiments that Dr. Lucas conducts in his dungeon...

What do you attribute to the cult popularity of THINGS and are you surprised by its notoriety?

BJG: I attribute a tonne of factors to THINGS having a cult following... The number one thing that I attribute is a universal energy of the universe... I believe that anybody can set out to make a movie that they hope will be a cult film, however, for it to actual happen is a million to one... The stars in the sky have to be aligned a certain way, and everything has to somehow fall in place by some crazy, and/or lucky spin of the wheel... We always hoped that THINGS would become a cult movie, but we were surprised... When the internet first came out, people started e-mailing and asking about the movie, and some people were requesting interviews... We also heard that it was on the Internet Movie Database. Whatever that was, lol... Over time we started to realize that THINGS had some real stamina. Mel Lieberman was the first person to release THINGS, and we are forever grateful that his company, Lettuce Entertain You Inc. under the Triworld/Interamerican label released the movie... I will tell you this... making THINGS was not an easy task... We were learning as we went, and shooting on film is not as easy as shooting digitally these days... Anyway, to answer your question, for whatever reason, THINGS has stamina, and we are still surprised by all of the acclaim good, and bad that the movie gets... It will be released in Japan soon on DVD...

Monday, October 03, 2016

Instruments of Evil (review)

movie poster
Instruments of Evil movie poster
Instruments of Evil (IoE) is a low-budget, horror/comedy, anthology movie shot in Saskatchewan without the aid of that province's film tax credit, which was cancelled in 2012.

In other words, don't expect great special effects or elaborate, detailed sets. The cast and crew had to make do with limited resources.

However, that does not mean that Instruments of Evil is without charm.

I've always said that a movie can be bad but it should never be boring. Bad movies can still be entertaining and IoE passes that test mainly on the strength of its humour, music, and amusing characters. The budget may have been limited but the humour was not.

The plot revolves around a viking warrior known as the Dark Viking (Huw Evans) who must track down and destroy some musical demons that were created by the god Loki. Who the hell needs The Avengers when you have the Dark Viking with a forkin' sweet sword? Sorry Thor, but your hammer just won't cut it.

Here's how the movie is officially described:
Created in the ancient mists of time by the Viking god Loki, four musical demons have left carnage and horror in their wake as they’ve travelled through the centuries, using the vibrations of music as a conduit across time and space. Now, as the harmonic horrors attempt to reunite and bring about the end of the world, can a cop, a hooker, and a warrior from the past defeat these evil spirits before the music stops ... forever
The hub of IoE takes place in a small police station, where Sgt. Savage (Rich Belhumeur) and his  constables are busy taking inventory of their evidence items, some of which are possessed by evil, unbeknownst to them. As they sort through each item, one of them recounts the grisly tale in which it was involved. Three of them involve musical instruments and are featured in its own story.

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