Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Keep Calm And Carry Luggage

Torgo poster
Keep Calm poster
If uninvited guests show up to your house, it's important to keep calm and carry luggage, just like Torgo does.

If you've ever seen the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate, you know that Mike can be a little overbearing, even obnoxious as he orders Torgo around like a mistreated hotel bellhop. Mike doesn't seem to realize that he hasn't stopped at some hotel, despite the title of a certain documentary film. Nope. Because of his inability to follow directions, Mike has gotten his family lost and ends up at The Master's residence. It is here that he meets The Master's servant, Torgo, he of the unusually-large knees, staggered walk and odd talk.

Not only does the uninvited Mike invite himself and his family to stay overnight at the residence, he takes advantage of Torgo's hospitality by expecting to be treated just as if he had checked into a hotel.

I have news for you Mike. You're not at a hotel and Torgo is not your servant. You can carry your own damn luggage! You could have at least given Torgo a nice tip, you cheap bastard.

Yet, through all this, including listening to Mike bark orders at him, Torgo remains calm and carries luggage. Well, there was that matter of him peeping on Mike's wife Maggie while she was undressing and awkwardly fondling her hair but I never said he was an angel.

So to sum up, keep calm and carry luggage but under no circumstance should you awkwardly fondle your house guest's hair no matter how long and lustrous it is.

Torgo t-shirt Teespring campaign
Reserve your shirt at Teespring
If you would like your very own Torgo t-shirt with the sage advice of keeping calm and to carry luggage, you can reserve one from my Teespring campaign. It's available in seven different styles and various sizes ranging in price from $17.00 - $23.00 US.

I've set the campaign goal at 50 shirts. This means that there needs to be 50 t-shirts reserved before it will be printed. You also won't be charged until the reserve goal is met.

So if you know anyone who is a huge fan of Manos and Torgo, share this link to spread the word. The more times the link is shared, the better the chances are of hitting the campaign goal. Just click on the t-shirt image to reserve yours.

Note: This low resolution image does not do the t-shirt justice. Please click on link to see a larger image in high detail.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the t-shirt including the campaign, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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